About us

The extended family of Sonam Tara has been hosting guests at Pin Valley since 2003. We were the first to open the doors of our family home (later named as Tara House Homestay) to intrepid travellers who looked for a safe and cosy place to stay while they explored the remotest niches within Spiti Valley.

All the hotels listed on this website are owned, operated and managed by the Tara family.

The patriarch of the family – Sonam Tara – manages all day-to-day affairs of the three hotels. A hard-working Spiti local, he ensures that guests are as comfortable as possible and makes sure they leave with only the best memories of Pin Valley. The other members of our family tirelessly attend to the needs of all guests.

In fact, the ladies of our family are the ones who deserve credit for the smooth functioning of Tara Travellers Cafe and Restaurant. Without the efficiency and care that these superwomen put into their daily chores, our guests would have to go hungry during their trip in Pin Valley.

All of us here love to share our mountain lifestyle with guests and look forward to welcoming you to Pin Valley.

Below is a short video explaining our hospitality better.

What Our Guests Say


Stayed here for a week two years ago. Can't thank them enough for their kind hospitality, which went way beyond getting value for money. The weather and altitude was too much for me, fell really sick. Can't imagine what would have happened if not for Mr. Tara's family. Needed to escape so far from everywhere to find real humanity.

Harsh Vijay SIngh